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The management at Long Ranch respectfully requires that all participants follow some simple rules.

  1. NO DOGS - no dogs allowed, no exceptions
  2. NO LITTERING - pick up any trash you see, "pack it in, pack it out".
  3. All cigarettes are to be put out in an ashtray or a container, as long as it is not the ground.
  4. No open ground fires-watch your BBQ pits closely, do not leave them unattended.
  5. DRIVE SLOW - stay below 20mph (if you hit a cow or horse you buy a cow or horse).
  6. Stay with your trail group - no wandering off from your group.
  7. No excessive drinking on trails.
  8. No excessive driving up and down the main road.
  9. No wheeling with out a trail guide.
  10. No wheeling after dark without managements pre-approval.
  11. The gate will be closed and locked at 10pm.
  12. No motorcycles, ATV's, dirtbikes, quads, or three-wheelers are allowed.

The property is located adjacent to the Llano River which is not controlled by the OHVRA. It is against Texas law to drive a motor vehicle in any state defined waterway (which the Llano River is).

The game wardens and local law enforcement patrol these waterways (Tickets are up to $500).

Recreational use of the river for swimming is allowed, and encouraged.

Long Ranch ORV Park
2449 County Road 307
Llano, TX 78643
Tel: 512-755-5952
Email: webmaster@longranchwheeling.com

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